As your partner in structural steel, Cedar Steel will conceptualise, plan, draft, fabricate, and install the universal columns of your building’s structural framework. 

Universal Columns (UC)

H-Beams and L-Beams

We can supply to a wide range of requirements for universal columns in Australia:

  • Available in 5 basic shapes, flange depths and thicknesses
  • Light columns (100mm to 200mm)
  • Heavy columns (250mm to 310mm)


Our universal steel columns are finished in Zinc Phosphate Primer as per Australian industry standards. 

On request, our team can also supply other finishes to meet your project’s requirements:

  • Powder Coating
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
  • Hot Zinc Spray
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What is a Universal Beam?

Universal columns are designed to hold heavy loads along their vertical line and resist twisting. 

In comparison, universal beams are designed and used to be spread out to hold loads across the length of the beam. At Cedar Steel, our most popular shapes for universal steel columns are ‘H’ and “L.’ 

What is a Universal H Column?

These universal columns are known as ‘H beams’ for their ‘H’ shape at the end of their length. This shape gives them strong similarities in width and depth, which makes them an ideal application for projects that require columns with the same strength in both directions to prevent twisting. 

The benefits of this shape are:

  • Heavier load-bearing capabilities than universal beams
  • Efficient at resisting twisting and shear loads
  • Supporting floor joists
  • Supporting rungs of ladders and stairs
  • Supporting mezzanine floors in a warehouse

Please note that while universal columns have better capacity at carrying loads than universal beams, they are also heavier materials.

What is an L-shaped Universal Column?

L shape columns are so named by their corner shape (90 degrees) that makes them look like an ‘L.’ They are mostly used for the corners of boundary walls. L columns provide minor support for structures where strength isn’t critical. 

  • Resists shear, tension and compression loads in the corners of buildings
  • Can be used to anchor flooring to a building’s foundation 

Applications for Universal Columns across industries:

For Residential Applications:

  • Houses
  • Multi-storey dwellings

For Commercial Applications:

  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Retail spaces

For Industrial Applications:

  • Mezzanine warehouse floors
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining infrastructure

For Civil Applications:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Bridges