As Sydney’s leading fabricator and steel beam supplier, Cedar Steel stands by quality and versatility. Which is why we manufacture, supply and install structural steel solutions for the best of Sydney’s residential, industrial and commercial building contractors, engineers and project managers. It is the people within the development and construction industry that have relied on our team to provide steel beam stocks for government, commercial and residential requirements.

From non-fabricated solutions all the way to wide flange, rebar and I-beams, we can fabricate and supply any beam style to suit the unique building requirements of our clients. We can even provide many more fabricated extras if requested.

All steel beams in Sydney are supplied finished in a zinc phosphate primer as per industry standard, unless otherwise requested by the client.

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Types of steel beams

Australia is undeniably a dominant force in the metal mining industry and remains a world leader in the export of iron ore, lead, zinc and so much more. As a result, structural steel in Sydney is not only plentiful but can be fabricated in a range of options. We can offer the following:

  • Universal Beams: We provide a range of universal beams including ‘Standard’ (section lengths from 9m to 20m), or ‘Heavy’ (460 mm, 540mm and 610mm). Non-standard lengths are also available on request. Ideal for civil construction, residential buildings to general manufacturing applications.
  • Universal Columns: Similar to universal beams, universal columns can be utilised for many construction projects for structural support. At Cedar Steel, we can supply both L or H shapes and are available in five basic sizes, flange depths and thickness. Our light steel columns range from 100mm to 200mm and heavy steel columns ranging from 250mm to 310mm. Also ideal for residential buildings, civil construction and general manufacturing applications.
residential steel fabrication
  • Channels: The following structural beams boast a C-shaped cross section, and feature top and bottom flanges with a web connecting them. Channels are cost-effective solutions for either short to medium-span structures. Originally designed to support bridges, they are now popular for more modern building applications. At Cedar Steel, we can supply a range of custom structural channels to meet your engineering and construction needs.
  • Structural Angles: Any steel bar that features an L-shaped cross section or boasts a 90 degree angle. The following products are ideal for all manners of indoor and outdoor structural applications, repairs and general fabrication. This structural solution can boast equal-sized flanges or custom depending on your building project requirements.
  • Hollow Steel Section (HSS): HSS refers to a metal profile featuring a tubular (hollow) cross section. Such steel beams can be rectangular, square, circular or elliptical in shape. For engineering purposes, HSS sections deliver greater flexibility in the use of more extreme strength-to-weight ratio than conventional structural steel products.

No matter the shape, size or implementation of your next construction project, steel beams offer many advantages to almost any building structure.The building material is a predominant feature in contemporary architecture due to its aesthetic appeal, durability, and adaptability. They are also recognised as the most sustainable building material in the construction industry.Other key advantages include:


Australian weather is notorious for its extreme weather conditions. Steel beams can withstand the wear and tear caused by floods and hurricanes, keeping your building structures safe and secure. Best of all, steel is over 80% recycled in the manufacturing process without impacting quality.


Structural steel beams are preferred by builders, engineers and architects throughout Sydney due to their adaptability to designing structures. Steel maximises the space of a building structure, requiring less room than other materials such as concrete. This way, internal structures can be altered or upgraded for change of use without affecting the integrity.


Unlike other materials like concrete, structural steel is praised for the aesthetic appeal it offers. Its flexibility allows the steel to be welded into different shapes and sizes, creating dramatic facades that can last years. As it is both strong and lightweight, it is favoured within the construction industry.

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Why Cedar Steel

Backed by 30+ years of industry experience, Cedar Steel has since grown to become a household name as Sydney and regional NSW’s leading steel beam provider for commercial, residential and industrial sectors. We endeavour to wear that badge with pride with our comprehensive steel products, design and fabrication services.

No matter the size and scope of your upcoming building project, or the service that you require, feel rest assured that you will be working with trustworthy and experienced experts in the field. We can offer  premium quality steel beams that best meet your requirements.

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