As masters of steel fabrication for commercial and industrial sectors, we employ a talented team of steel erectors to provide all clients with a streamlined and controlled steel installation service. Believe us when we say that installing metal roofing is our specialty.

Offering experience, attention to detail and strict quality control measures, we ensure a confident process from initial construction right through to the erection of a steel building.

Rest assured, Cedar Steel’s qualified team of steel frame manufacturers and erectors deliver excellent results across multiple areas of steel installation.

Our experts are adept in installing steel components into any position that you require. We’ll arrange for the delivery and erection of all steel projects, big and small. For on-site steel installation projects, we provide flexibility using our own dedicated access equipment and cranes.

Backed by years or experience, we aim to always meet and exceed all of our client’s requirements and expectations.

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Erecting structural steelwork: Our process

Designing for construction

Successful structural steel installation and erection begins long before the steelwork arrives on-site from the fabrication workshop. Before installation commences, the ‘buildability’ of your internal steel structure is influenced by client and expert decisions made during the design process. At Cedar Steel, our team “designs for construction”- an important design objective that facilitates better safety outcomes, construction project efficiency and looking into potentials for prefabrication.

Design factors that we consider include:

  • Repetition and standardisation- refers to the repetition of the same structural components and standard details for connections.
  • Achievable tolerances- If ‘tight’ tolerances are specified in the brief (i.e. more restrictive than Class 1 in AS/NZS 5131), we can consider the implementation of special controls and engineered details.
  • Frame type- We look into your primary choice of frame options. Options include braced frames and continuous frames.
  • Floor systems- Your choice of floor system for multi-story projects and frames will influence the erection sequence as it determines the part-erected structure's stability.
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Erection planning

Our experts begin steel erection planning at the very beginning of the installation process. We consider the construction sequence and design factors affecting site practice in terms of a typical erection plant. We consider three planning factors which include:

  • Practical erection sequence: We look into the location of both temporary and permanent bracing systems and other means of maintaining structural balance.
  • Simplicity of assembly: How easily can we assemble frame connections across all steel components.
  • Logical trade sequences: This affects the development of the master contract as your pre-tender plan turns into the final construction plan.
The fabrication process

The procedure of fabricating steelwork parts that will, when put and connected together, create a complete frame. The steel frame generally comprises readily available components from our steel fabricators and steel stockholders. This includes additional manufacturing elements such as adding protective coatings and bolts.

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Installation & connecting the components together

The erection of structural steel usually consists of assembling steel components into a sturdy frame.

Components are lifted and placed into position before they are firmly connected together. This is achieved through bolting however, our steel erectors can also bond frames together via on-site welding depending on your requirements.

Prior to bolting, we ensure that the assembled frame is aligned within tolerance expectations as defined in our quality assurance standards. Once your steel frame has been completed, we hand it over for further construction work. This can include adding external cladding, electrical fittings and internal flooring.

Whether you require assistance installing metal roofing panels, new floor joists and timber frames to high quality light gauge steel frames, we tailor our services to every client we work with. No matter the size of your construction site, our experienced team of steel installers combine both careful planning and innovative technology to guarantee outstanding structural results.

At Cedar Steel, we take great pride in our top-of-the-line structural steel installation methods and equipment. Our process covers end-to-end services including construction, installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, demolition and dismantling.

From T-bar beams to metal panels, structural steel is an integral part to many building projects. The results of a high quality steel erection is representative of a building’s structural core. To guarantee outstanding results in logistically complicated construction sites, we take additional care in every step of the installation process, and drive it towards completion.

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Why Choose Cedar Steel

We aim to tick off three primary goals when erecting structural steel- timing, safety and accuracy. Not only are our specialists capable of meeting deadlines, our staff stand by maintaining accuracy no matter the size and scope of the project. Feel rest assured that our experts pay special attention to minimising risk exposure, and ensuring that our processes are safe, efficient and innovative.