Premium Steel Products and Services

Cedar Steel provides steel products for residential, commercial, and industrial developments in Sydney and throughout NSW. 

Steel beams and other structural steel elements are integral to every type of construction project. We have 30+ years of experience delivering the steel products Sydney developers and contractors need to complete their projects. 

Why do builders and engineers rely on us? We offer products like beams and columns, but we also provide end-to-end services. This means each client gets customised steel components designed and fabricated exactly for their needs. We can handle the entire process, from sourcing quality raw steel to fabrication, delivery, and, if needed, installations.

Our comprehensive services and focus on customisation help us stand out from other steel products suppliers in NSW. 

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Steel Products

Here is a look at the types of beams and other steel products we offer to our clients in different industries in NSW. 

  • Universal Beams. We supply standard steel beams between 9 and 20 m with gauge thickness between 460 mm and 610 mm. Additionally, we fabricate non-standard beams for clients with specialised needs. Universal beams are often a good fit for residential or civil projects. 
  •  Universal Columns. Cedar Steel creates these L and H-shaped columns to meet a variety of load requirements in residential construction. Light columns range from 100 to 200 mm, with heavy-duty varieties running from 250 to 310 mm. 
  • Channels. These C-shaped components support structural loads on civil projects like bridges. We specialise in customising the shape and strength to meet your specific load-bearing needs.
  • Structural Angles. These L-shaped steel bars have different applications, including indoor and outdoor structural supports. Engineers also rely on them for a variety of repair projects. 
  • Hollow Steel Section (HSS). These hollow components come in various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, or ellipses. They can be used in various settings, such as storage facilities, hydraulic platforms, and bridges.

Cedar Steel pairs the products with a range of exceptional services. 

Our Services

Our services help us stand out among Sydney steel products suppliers. Here is what we can provide to our NSW clients. 


Today’s construction projects rely on complex 3D drafting software that contains all the details necessary for materials, fabrication, and construction. Most steel suppliers are not involved in this aspect of the construction, but Cedar Steel has design specialists who can add steel elements to your project and provide necessary information for cost, safety, and regulatory compliance. 


We also provide a full range of fabrication services. We begin each project by sourcing quality raw materials from our supplier partners. We then rely on skilled engineers, welders, and other tradespeople to create the steel components using knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. This approach allows us to offer completely customised components that fit seamlessly with the other elements of the structure. 

Delivery and Installation

We package the steel components for each project and prepare them for delivery. When it’s time to ship, we work with the client and installation experts to ensure they are prepared for the next step when the steel components arrive. If the client needs assistance installing the components, we work closely with skilled contractors to get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively. 

Finishing Services

Finally, Cedar Steel provides coating that can improve the appearance of any exposed steel elements while also protecting them from rust or corrosion. Zinc phosphate is the most common choice for coating because it enhances appearance and adds a layer of protection. We offer services such as powder coating, spray, and galvanisation. 

What To Do Now?

If you are planning to undertake a construction project of any size and looking for steel products in Sydney, Cedar Steel can provide you with components and services that meet your exact needs for any commercial, industrial, or residential construction project. Contact Us today to enquire about our services or organise a free estimate.