Steel Fabrication for All Your Construction Projects

Steel fabrication is a key part of all construction projects. Building contractors rely on quality steel vendors to supply prime steel for their projects. Cedar Steel is the leading industrial steel manufacturer and supplier based in New South Wales, Australia. We have more than 30 years of experience in steel manufacturing and are equipped with the materials, machinery, and experienced personnel necessary to get the job done. Whether you need commercial steel fabrication or residential steel fabrication, we can assist with your project from start to finish. 

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Planning, Design, Welding, and Cooling

As a licensed industrial steel supplier in Australia, Cedar Steel involves our clients from the start till the end of the project. We communicate and involve you during the decision-making of various steel fabrication processes, such as:>

  •     Planning and designing of the materials
  •     On-site measuring
  •     In-house drafting
  •     Fabrication of the steel
  •     Delivery to your site

In the planning stage, our staff will discuss the details of your project. They may ask you various questions, such as the type of steel you need, your budget, and what you want from the end result.

We have a team of skilled engineers who turn your visions into reality. All our industrial steel products, such as beams, channels, and pipes, are manufactured using high-quality materials that will enable them to last for decades. As a commercial steel supplier, we are able to provide custom steel based on client specifications.

We ensure that the steel fabrication process is carefully monitored for proper detailing and design. In addition, our certified welding inspector oversees the manufacturing and ensures that the end product is up to standard.

After the client approves the plan and design, our engineers strictly use the approved designs to manufacture and weld the product using the latest technology.

Additional Service from Cedar Steel

In addition to providing steel fabrication, we also oversee your project from start to finish. We assist with the following additional services:

  •     Hole and cleat placement
  •     End-to-end installation
  •     In-depth project assessments
  •     Custom in-house drafting and design

Industrial steel fabrication, like commercial steel fabrication, takes more time to manufacture than residential steel fabrication. The metals used must be of a heavier grade; thus, manufacturing will take time.

Why Cedar Steel for your Industrial Steel Fabrication Project ?

At Cedar Steel, we provide steel for any of your building projects, from sports arenas and pipelines to wind turbines.

Industrial steel is heavy and has complex applications. The manufacturing process requires quality steel so that the end product can withstand pressure, rust, high temperatures, and chemicals. 

Many companies in Australia sell standard pre-fabricated steel to their customers, but Cedar Steel takes it one step further. We can provide custom steel for our clients and ensure a perfect fit for their structures. Not all constructions require standard measurements; therefore, we create new unique designs that fit their needs.

Our goal is not only limited to industrial steel fabrication services. As a commercial and residential steel supplier, we strive to help with the entire project. Our goal is to ensure projects run smoothly without delays and interference.

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Cedar Steel is a licensed steel fabrication company with over 30 years of steel fabrication experience in Sydney. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers put us at the top of our industry. All our products and services exceed Australian standards because we consider the safety and quality of our products.

We focus on providing our clients with quality materials, custom designs, and top-notch customer service for all our residential, industrial, and commercial steel fabrication projects. Contact Us if you require our services and get a free quote and consultation for your project.