Cedar Steel: Your Partner in Steel Framing Construction 

As a leading steel fabrication company in Sydney, we’ve earned our reputation for excellence through dedicated work and a passion for delivering top-notch results to our valued clients across different industries. In our portfolio, we proudly showcase our exceptional structural steel fabrication projects completed in Sydney.

Learn how our metal fabricators in Sydney have assisted carpenters, builders and engineers with their primed or galvanised steel requirements:

We’ve Worked Under Tight Schedules to Meet our Clients’ Deadlines

Meeting tight deadlines is one of the cornerstones of our success. We understand the importance of time in the construction industry and excel at completing projects within agreed-upon timeframes without compromising quality. Our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to attentively handle challenges and complex projects and keep construction schedules on track.

We’ve Proposed Connections to our Clients Based on the Best Fit to Expedite Installations

When it comes to site installation, we thrive on proposing innovative connection details that expedite the process. With our vast experience, we tailor our approach to match specific site conditions, ensuring a seamless installation. If our clients have required it, our team at Cedar Steel has also handled steel installation and erection at the site.

Whether it’s steel framing construction, steelwork construction, or building a steel structure house, our connection solutions help optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of projects.

We’ve Supplied Nuts and Bolt Connections to Make It Easier for Carpenters and Builders 

Our team at Cedar Steel appreciates that nuts and bolt connections enhance structural integrity and make it easier for carpenters and builders to install the job efficiently. Thus, our fabricators have made it part of our process to work with our clients to provide connections to make their job as smooth as possible.

Our Team has Delivered and Installed Steel to Any Site – No Matter the Access Difficulty

No matter the site access, we deliver and install. This is a promise we at Cedar Steel hold to and uphold with each new project. Our dedicated team handle has in-depth experience when it comes to handling challenging site conditions so we can give your project the attention it deserves, regardless of its location or accessibility.

We’ve Provided Primed or Galvanised Steel Treatments to Engineers’ Requirements

We offer primed steel or galvanised steel as per engineers’ requirements, ensuring our clients’ projects stand the test of time, even in harsh conditions.

Our Fabricated Steel Tolerances are Always Within the Millimeter

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our fabrication precision is maintained within millimetre tolerances, ensuring a perfect fit for every component of your project.

Join Other Satisfied Clients – Count on Cedar Steel

Our portfolio showcases our team’s expertise in steel fabrication and commitment to delivering exceptional results. From supplying steel structures for houses to overseeing all the steel framing requirements for a construction project, our team is able to handle all your structural steel requirements satisfyingly. Trust Cedar Steel to supply the highest quality steel, fabrications, connections, steel treatments, plans, delivery and installation that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to get started. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to meet your requirements.