We produce industrial steel fabrication to a number of specifications. 

Industrial Steel Fabricators

Our comprehensive services are able to cater to your industrial steel requirements with the control and capabilities our industrial steel fabricators have at every stage of the process:

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Industrial Metal Fabrication that Stands the Test of Time and Wears

Industrial infrastructure requires rugged materials that are able to withstand the harsh elements of the environment they are placed in, such as sun, wind, dust, chemicals and vibration. 

Industrial steel stands through these tests as a structural and supporting material with high tensile strength, stability, and fire and corrosion resistance – all in one lightweight and cost-effective product.

Industrial Steel is very strong and highly resistant to pressure, rust, chemicals, erosion and high temperatures. 

Advantages of Industrial Steel Fabrication

  • Able to be prefabricated for quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Versatile
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Highly Resistant to Fire, Combustion, Corrosion, Chemicals, Moisture, and Rust
  • Sustainable
  • Lighter than Concrete

Heavy-Duty Industrial Steel for Across Industries

For Buildings & Infrastructure

Heavy buildings in construction often require industrial steel’s strength, resilience and corrosion resistance. Our fabricators partner with industrial builders in Sydney to supply, design, fabricate, and install industrial steel structural components needed to build the structural requirements of buildings. 

For Mechanical Equipment

Heavy-duty industrial steel is a staple for creating plant machinery and equipment. Our industrial steel fabricators partner with machinery manufacturers to design, plan, manufacture and deliver the industrial steel components you need to develop tough equipment that withstands heavy conditions and use. 

For Mining

Get industrial steel supply tough enough to make tools, drill rigs, mining screens, pumps, pipes, vessels, tanks, cathode plates and more to process ores and minerals. Our industrial steel fabricators consult with you, measure on-site and create designs to fabricate these pieces to meet your specifications. 

For Waste Management

We supply industrial steel in fabrications and protective coatings that withstand the constant environmental pressures that equipment faces in waste management. Our experts can provide industrial steel to your needs, fabricated to your needed size and strength, and coated to protect against heat, moisture, corrosion and other factors in this environment that usually cause wear and tear.

For Rural Industrial Use

Our industrial steel fabricators are highly knowledgeable in designing, planning, and fabricating steel for farming, agriculture and other industrial rural applications, creating metal components that withstand the harshest conditions of dirt, dust, weather, rust and corrosion. 

Our industrial metal fabrication Sydney team supplies and fabricates industrial steel for a number of industries and sectors, including residential and commercial constructions.

Industrial Steel Products
  • Customised Steel Supply
  • Universal Beams
  • Universal Columns
  • Circular Hollow Sections
  • Equal and Unequal Angles
  • Flat Bars
  • Cleats
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Petrochemical Cross Over Platforms
  • Plant and Equipment Platforms

What Industry is Steel Fabrication Part of?

Most steel fabricators in Australia work in the manufacturing industry, like our team does at Cedar Steel. This is because the steel fabrication process is focused on turning raw metal materials into metal components that can be used in a range of applications across industries: such as manufacturing products, construction, mining, and automotive. 

Steel fabricators in Australia also work in construction, wholesale trade, and electricity, gas, water and waste services. 

Experts in Steel for Industrial Applications

Our industrial metal fabricators have over 30 years of experience in supplying and fabricating high-quality steel for projects across NSW. 

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