Cedar Steel is renowned for its expertise and experience in mezzanine floor construction. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that each project is completed with the highest quality and durability standards. By choosing Cedar Steel, you benefit from:

  • Expertise in Steel Mezzanine Floor Construction: We use premium-grade steel and other materials to ensure the longevity and strength of your mezzanine floors.
  • Customised Solutions: Every project is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal use of space and functionality.
  • Efficient Mezzanine Installation: Our streamlined construction process minimises disruption to your daily operations, delivering quick and efficient results.
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Expert Mezzanine Floor Builders in Sydney

At Cedar Steel, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s go-to mezzanine floor builders. Our team has extensive experience in mezzanine construction, offering a range of services that include:

  • Design and Planning: We work closely with you to design a mezzanine floor that meets your requirements and adheres to all safety regulations.
  • Fabrication and Installation: Utilising the latest technology and high-quality materials, we fabricate and install mezzanine floors that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your mezzanine floor remains in excellent condition.

Comprehensive Mezzanine Installation Services

Our mezzanine installation services are comprehensive, covering every aspect of the construction process. From initial consultation to final inspection, Cedar Steel ensures that your mezzanine floor project is executed flawlessly. Our services include:

Site Assessment

We conduct a thorough site assessment to determine the best approach for your mezzanine floor installation.

Steel Mezzanine Floor Systems

Our steel mezzanine floor systems are designed for maximum strength and stability, providing a safe and reliable solution for your space.

Custom Fabrication

Each mezzanine floor is custom-fabricated to meet your needs, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Benefits and Applications of Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors offer numerous benefits and can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Increased Space: Maximise your available space without the need for significant renovations.
  • Versatility: Ideal for office spaces, storage, retail, and more.
  • Cost-Effective: A cost-efficient solution to expand your usable area.


Australia’s standard mezzanine floor height varies but typically ranges between 2.1 to 3 meters, depending on the specific requirements and building regulations.

A mezzanine floor provides additional space within an existing structure, making it ideal for storage, office space, or retail areas.

Requirements for mezzanine floors in Sydney include compliance with local building codes, proper load-bearing capacity, and adequate headroom clearance.

Mezzanine floors must comply with local building codes and safety regulations, including fire safety, structural integrity, and accessibility requirements.

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