Cedar Steel stands out when it comes to structural steel supply in Sydney and NSW. We have extensive knowledge of our area of expertise thanks to more than three decades of bringing materials to residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We always strive to deliver the exact structural steel supplies Sydney construction companies need to get the job done, regardless of the size of the project or the amount required. Our focus on quality has helped us exceed the expectations of our diverse list of clients.

You can see our attention to quality and superior service for yourself without making any commitments. We are happy to learn the details of your project and provide a detailed free estimate.

What You Can Expect from Us

At Cedar Steel, we do more than bring structural steel supplies to your worksite. Unlike many structural steel suppliers, we deliver end-to-end services for small home projects, large commercial constructions, and everything in between. Our goal is always to provide every customer with the best overall value with a combination of products and services that other NSW structural steel suppliers cannot match.

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Our Approach

Whether you need a commercial or residential steel supplier, Cedar Steel can deliver. We use the same approach whether we are supplying a residential project or a commercial development. Every step of the process is equally important in achieving the desired result. We cover the entire supply chain, from selecting the best raw materials to using the right techniques to fabricate the necessary steel components for each project. 

Not only does this approach deliver the right shapes and sizes, but it ensures each piece is manufactured to your quality and strength needs. 

How can we consistently deliver steel that exceeds expectations? In addition to access to superior materials, we work with engineers, welders, and other tradespeople with the skills and experience to deliver steel frames and other types of steel fabrication that fit the project’s specifications exactly. We take the time to understand how our products will fit into your overall plans, so we can account for every variable during the production and design process. 

We have perfected our supply chain and fabrication processes over the past 30 years. This means that once you accept our bid, we will put our team into action and deliver your steel components on time and within your budget. 

Our Services

As an experienced industrial steel supplier, we know that details matter. Each project begins with our experts learning the fine points of your project and taking measurements of the site to ensure complete accuracy. 

We proceed to draft plans, create necessary drawings, and even produce 3D models that can guide our specialists as they fabricate the components according to your needs and measurements. The plans can include specific details, such as placing holes or openings in the steel frames for complex industrial applications. 

The next step is the actual fabrication from quality raw materials. Because of our careful planning, measurements, and design process, the engineers, welders, and other specialists can create the components exactly as required to fit with the other elements of the structure.  

Delivery and Installation

We can also deliver the finished steel components to your worksite in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW. We start this process by packaging the steel for safe and efficient transport and straightforward assembly once it arrives on-site. 

In addition to handling the delivery process, we can oversee the installation process, if needed, with our experts coming to your site to ensure proper placement and structural security. Since we offer comprehensive upfront pricing, you will know ahead of time what the overall cost of the project, including any delivery or installation steps, will be before we start. 

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Cedar Steel is your best choice for a residential, industrial, or commercial steel supplier in Sydney and throughout NSW. We can provide you with superior quality for any project. You can start the process with a free, no-commitment quote for our products and services. Contact Us today to learn more.