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Explore our portfolio to witness how we've contributed to successful projects across Sydney. We're eager to bring your next project to life with our team’s knowledge, expertise and experience with fabricating mild and structural steel.

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Cedar Steel: Your Partner in Steel Framing Construction 

As a leading steel fabrication company in Sydney, we’ve earned our reputation for excellence through dedicated work and a passion for delivering top-notch results to our valued clients across different industries. In our portfolio, we proudly showcase our exceptional structural steel fabrication projects completed in Sydney.

Learn how our metal fabricators in Sydney have assisted carpenters, builders and engineers with their primed or galvanised steel requirements:

We’ve Worked Under Tight Schedules to Meet our Clients’ Deadlines

Meeting tight deadlines is one of the cornerstones of our success. We understand the importance of time in the construction industry and excel at completing projects within agreed-upon timeframes without compromising quality. Our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to attentively handle challenges and complex projects and keep construction schedules on track.

We’ve Proposed Connections to our Clients Based on the Best Fit to Expedite Installations

When it comes to site installation, we thrive on proposing innovative connection details that expedite the process. With our vast experience, we tailor our approach to match specific site conditions, ensuring a seamless installation. If our clients have required it, our team at Cedar Steel has also handled steel installation and erection at the site.

Whether it’s steel framing construction, steelwork construction, or building a steel structure house, our connection solutions help optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of projects.

We’ve Supplied Nuts and Bolt Connections to Make It Easier for Carpenters and Builders 

Our team at Cedar Steel appreciates that nuts and bolt connections enhance structural integrity and make it easier for carpenters and builders to install the job efficiently. Thus, our fabricators have made it part of our process to work with our clients to provide connections to make their job as smooth as possible.

Our Team has Delivered and Installed Steel to Any Site – No Matter the Access Difficulty

No matter the site access, we deliver and install. This is a promise we at Cedar Steel hold to and uphold with each new project. Our dedicated team handle has in-depth experience when it comes to handling challenging site conditions so we can give your project the attention it deserves, regardless of its location or accessibility.

We’ve Provided Primed or Galvanised Steel Treatments to Engineers’ Requirements

We offer primed steel or galvanised steel as per engineers’ requirements, ensuring our clients’ projects stand the test of time, even in harsh conditions.

Our Fabricated Steel Tolerances are Always Within the Millimeter

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our fabrication precision is maintained within millimetre tolerances, ensuring a perfect fit for every component of your project.

Join Other Satisfied Clients – Count on Cedar Steel

Our portfolio showcases our team’s expertise in steel fabrication and commitment to delivering exceptional results. From supplying steel structures for houses to overseeing all the steel framing requirements for a construction project, our team is able to handle all your structural steel requirements satisfyingly. Trust Cedar Steel to supply the highest quality steel, fabrications, connections, steel treatments, plans, delivery and installation that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to get started. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to meet your requirements. 

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Steel Angles

Cedar Steel is capable of overseeing the support for your structure’s corner-bearing loads with made-for-purpose steel angles in Sydney

Steel Angles

Also known as Structural Steel Angle, L-beam, Angle Iron, or L Steel Angle

L-beams cover and lend support to corners in a building and other structures. 

As a structural steel fabricator in Sydney, we have over 30 years of experience in assisting carpenters, builders and business owners with their structural steel needs, including steel angles or L-beams. 

We can oversee all aspects of your structural angles, along with your other structural steel requirements with design, advice, fabrication, quality control, speedy delivery and installation.

Get end-to-end solutions to your customised requirements:

  • Equal Angles
  • Unequal Angles
  • Thinner and Thicker Angles

As a fabrication company, we are able to supply angles in the exact dimensions and quantities that you need. 


Our fabricators provide equal and unequal angles in Zinc Phosphate Primer to fit Australian industry standards. If you require a different finish, our team can also provide these other options on request:

  • Powder Coating
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
  • Hot Zinc Spray

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What is a Structural Steel Angle?

A steel angle is a type of structural steel beam, used for adding strength, support and stability to buildings. Structural angles commonly have an ‘L’ cross-section or shape, by joining together at a perpendicular, 90 degree angle. Similar to other structural steel products they are made through hot-rolling mild steel. 

Steel L angles are commonly used for bed frames, box trailers, structures and shelving. Its unique design gives it great bending resistance, in any direction. Similar to other structural steel beams and supports; the larger it is, the more weight it is able to take. 

What is an Equal Steel Angle?

Equal steel angles are steel angles with both ends equal in size and thickness.

What is an Unequal Steel Angle?

Unequal steel angles are the opposite. One end of the ‘L-shape’ is shorter, and one end is longer in this design.

Applications for Steel L Angles across industries

L-beams are often used for framing, shelving, brackets, trims, and reinforcements, among other uses. 

For Residential Use:

  • Indoor and outdoor structural applications
  • Supporting components
  • Windows and door frames 
  • We offer a 48-hour turnaround service for Residential Projects

For Commercial Use:

  • Structural Applications and Support Components
  • Shelving for Retail
  • Offices
  • Mezzanine floors to expand retail space
  • Manufacturing parts for large steel products such as washing machines or large ovens

For Industrial Use:

  • Warehouses and storehouses
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Mezzanine Floors 

For Civil Use: 

  • Bridges

    industrial steel fabrication

    Steel Channels

    If you’re in need of steel channels with thorough quality assurance and fast turnaround you can rely on, look no further. We deliver all over Sydney.

    Structural Channels

    Also known as C-channels, U-channels, J-channels, Z-channels and Parallel Flange channels

    Cedar Steel can be your partner in advising, supplying, finishing, delivering and installing the structural steel channels to your specifications to help you complete the structural needs of your building.

    As fabricators, we are able to supply steel channels to your customised requirements:

    • C Steel Channels
    • U Steel Channels
    • J Steel Channels
    • Z Steel Channels
    • Parallel Flange Channels

    We are able to supply channels to the exact shapes, lengths, sizes and thicknesses you need.


    We supply our structural channels by default, finished in Zinc Phosphate Primer per Australian industry standards.

    However, our team can supply other finishes for your project, on request:

    • Powder Coating
    • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
    • Hot Zinc Spray

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    Industrial Steel Supplier Sydney

    What is a Structural Steel Channel?

    Steel channels are a type of structure hot rolled from mild steel into a U, J, C or tube shape to provide strength and rigidity to the internal structure of buildings during construction. It is important to get the proportions of these steel products right to ensure that they are safely and securely able to withstand weight and impact from potential loads. 

    What is a C-channel? 

    The C-channel, or parallel flange channel, is a shape with a consistent width across the length and thick tapered flanges that give it a ‘c’ cross-section.

    Structural C channels were once majorly used to support bridges, but have now become a cost-effective structural component for short and middle-spanning buildings. C-channel beams can be joined together to create a robust box-style foundation, or with a broad flat surface to create an i-beam. 

    What is a U-channel? 

    A U steel channel has a similar shape to the C-channel. It has a consistent width across the length of the beam, but with flat parallel flanges instead of tapered ones. 

    Structural U channels are a common staple in residential use for finishing doorways and window frames. 

    What is a J-channel?

    The J-channel has a longer flange and a shorter flanger, creating its ‘J’ shape. J-channels are also designed for trimming openings on wall panels, doors, windows and louvres to clean up the lines and give the project an overall clean and completed appearance. 

    What is a Z-channel?

    Z steel channels have a ‘z’ shaped cross-section, designed to provide transition and connection to two different materials. They are widely used for metal roofing.

    Applications for Steel Channels across industries:

    For Residential Use:

    • Primary frameworks
    • Supporting structural components
    • We offer a 48-hour turnaround service for steel channels for Residential Projects

    For Commercial Use:

    • Retail shops
    • Offices
    • Mezzanine floors to expand retail space
    • Support Components

    For Industrial Use:

    • Warehouses
    • Automotive Manufacturing
    • Warehouse Mezzanine Floors 

    For Civil Use: 

    • Bridges

      Universal Columns

      As your partner in structural steel, Cedar Steel will conceptualise, plan, draft, fabricate, and install the universal columns of your building’s structural framework. 

      Universal Columns (UC)

      H-Beams and L-Beams

      We can supply to a wide range of requirements for universal columns in Australia:

      • Available in 5 basic shapes, flange depths and thicknesses
      • Light columns (100mm to 200mm)
      • Heavy columns (250mm to 310mm)


      Our universal steel columns are finished in Zinc Phosphate Primer as per Australian industry standards. 

      On request, our team can also supply other finishes to meet your project’s requirements:

      • Powder Coating
      • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
      • Hot Zinc Spray

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      What is a Universal Beam?

      Universal columns are designed to hold heavy loads along their vertical line and resist twisting. 

      In comparison, universal beams are designed and used to be spread out to hold loads across the length of the beam. At Cedar Steel, our most popular shapes for universal steel columns are ‘H’ and “L.’ 

      What is a Universal H Column?

      These universal columns are known as ‘H beams’ for their ‘H’ shape at the end of their length. This shape gives them strong similarities in width and depth, which makes them an ideal application for projects that require columns with the same strength in both directions to prevent twisting. 

      The benefits of this shape are:

      • Heavier load-bearing capabilities than universal beams
      • Efficient at resisting twisting and shear loads
      • Supporting floor joists
      • Supporting rungs of ladders and stairs
      • Supporting mezzanine floors in a warehouse

      Please note that while universal columns have better capacity at carrying loads than universal beams, they are also heavier materials.

      What is an L-shaped Universal Column?

      L shape columns are so named by their corner shape (90 degrees) that makes them look like an ‘L.’ They are mostly used for the corners of boundary walls. L columns provide minor support for structures where strength isn’t critical. 

      • Resists shear, tension and compression loads in the corners of buildings
      • Can be used to anchor flooring to a building’s foundation 

      Applications for Universal Columns across industries:

      For Residential Applications:

      • Houses
      • Multi-storey dwellings

      For Commercial Applications:

      • Shopping centres
      • Offices
      • Retail spaces

      For Industrial Applications:

      • Mezzanine warehouse floors
      • Manufacturing
      • Mining infrastructure

      For Civil Applications:

      • Transport infrastructure
      • Bridges

        Universal Beams

        Cedar Steel has the capability to draft, plan, supply, fabricate, install and surface treat universal beams to create durable structures for a range of projects in Sydney

        Universal Beams (UB)

        Also known as I-Beams or Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) beams

        We can cater to a wide range of requirements for universal beams in Sydney:

        • Standard (9m to 20m)
        • Heavy (460mm, 540mm and 610mm)

        Our team can also produce non-standard beams cut to length in a variety of sizes on request.


        All our universal beams are finished in Zinc Phosphate Primer as per Australian industry standards.

        However, we can also supply other finishes to meet your requirements:

        • Powder Coating
        • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
        • Hot Zinc Spray

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        What is a Universal Beam?

        A universal beam is a type of structural steel known for its shape: it has a taller height (the middle section between the side flanges) and shorter flanges (the supporting parts on the ends), with the same cross-section along its length.

        When looking at a universal steel beam from either end it looks like a capital ‘I’ in a sans font, which is why it has its name.

        The benefits of this shape and its robust composition are:

        • High Tensile Strength
        • Excellent at bearing load under direct pressure or tension in multiple directions
        • More lightweight than Universal Columns (H-Beams)
        • Even weight distribution
        • Can prevent vibration in a building

        Universal beams are often used in conjunction with universal columns to create strong steel structures for buildings. 

        We provide end-to-end services to look after the steel structure requirements of your project from start to finish.

        Undeniably Robust Fabrication

        A universal steel beam is always one piece of metal throughout (no welding).

        Due to the style of its fabrication (where it is rolled or milled out of steel instead of being joined together by multiple pieces), universal beams are a versatile and dependable structural application for every builder. Making the building of the metal structure process faster and more efficient.

        More stable. Less need for numerous structural supports. Less time and money wasted.

        Applications for Universal Beams across industries:

        For Residential Use:

        • Primary Frameworks & Supporting Components
        • Residential Dwellings
        • Multi-Storey Dwellings
        • We offer a 48-hour turnaround time for Residential Projects

        For Commercial Use

        • Structural Framework
        • Support Components
        • Shopping Centres
        • Offices
        • Mezzanine floors to expand retail space

        For Industrial Use

        • Primary Structural Framework
        • Expansions
        • Manufacturing
        • Warehouse Mezzanine Floors


          Our Steel Products

          We have 30+ years of experience delivering the steel products Sydney developers and contractors need to complete their projects.

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          Premium Steel Products and Services

          Cedar Steel provides steel products for residential, commercial, and industrial developments in Sydney and throughout NSW. 

          Steel beams and other structural steel elements are integral to every type of construction project. We have 30+ years of experience delivering the steel products Sydney developers and contractors need to complete their projects. 

          Why do builders and engineers rely on us? We offer products like beams and columns, but we also provide end-to-end services. This means each client gets customised steel components designed and fabricated exactly for their needs. We can handle the entire process, from sourcing quality raw steel to fabrication, delivery, and, if needed, installations.

          Our comprehensive services and focus on customisation help us stand out from other steel products suppliers in NSW. 

          Learn more

          Steel Products

          Here is a look at the types of beams and other steel products we offer to our clients in different industries in NSW. 

          • Universal Beams. We supply standard steel beams between 9 and 20 m with gauge thickness between 460 mm and 610 mm. Additionally, we fabricate non-standard beams for clients with specialised needs. Universal beams are often a good fit for residential or civil projects. 
          •  Universal Columns. Cedar Steel creates these L and H-shaped columns to meet a variety of load requirements in residential construction. Light columns range from 100 to 200 mm, with heavy-duty varieties running from 250 to 310 mm. 
          • Channels. These C-shaped components support structural loads on civil projects like bridges. We specialise in customising the shape and strength to meet your specific load-bearing needs.
          • Structural Angles. These L-shaped steel bars have different applications, including indoor and outdoor structural supports. Engineers also rely on them for a variety of repair projects. 
          • Hollow Steel Section (HSS). These hollow components come in various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, or ellipses. They can be used in various settings, such as storage facilities, hydraulic platforms, and bridges.

          Cedar Steel pairs the products with a range of exceptional services. 

          Our Services

          Our services help us stand out among Sydney steel products suppliers. Here is what we can provide to our NSW clients. 


          Today’s construction projects rely on complex 3D drafting software that contains all the details necessary for materials, fabrication, and construction. Most steel suppliers are not involved in this aspect of the construction, but Cedar Steel has design specialists who can add steel elements to your project and provide necessary information for cost, safety, and regulatory compliance. 


          We also provide a full range of fabrication services. We begin each project by sourcing quality raw materials from our supplier partners. We then rely on skilled engineers, welders, and other tradespeople to create the steel components using knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. This approach allows us to offer completely customised components that fit seamlessly with the other elements of the structure. 

          Delivery and Installation

          We package the steel components for each project and prepare them for delivery. When it’s time to ship, we work with the client and installation experts to ensure they are prepared for the next step when the steel components arrive. If the client needs assistance installing the components, we work closely with skilled contractors to get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively. 

          Finishing Services

          Finally, Cedar Steel provides coating that can improve the appearance of any exposed steel elements while also protecting them from rust or corrosion. Zinc phosphate is the most common choice for coating because it enhances appearance and adds a layer of protection. We offer services such as powder coating, spray, and galvanisation. 

          What To Do Now?

          If you are planning to undertake a construction project of any size and looking for steel products in Sydney, Cedar Steel can provide you with components and services that meet your exact needs for any commercial, industrial, or residential construction project. Contact Us today to enquire about our services or organise a free estimate. 



          Steel Delivery Services

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          Cedar Steel: Delivery

          Thanks to its absolute reusability and high versatility, structural steel has become one of the most popular construction materials in recent times. As a leading steel supplier in Sydney, New South Wales, we understand that our duty isn’t only limited to steel detailing and fabrication. In fact, steel delivery itself is an important aspect of the entire construction process and needs to be dealt with high professionalism. 

          Steel delivery requires extensive precision on every level. That’s because even a single wrong move can result in potential delays and even diminish the overall integrity and safety of the entire process.

          At Cedar Steel, our team is well-coordinated and collaborates at every step to ensure that each component is supplied and delivered on-site in a timely fashion. Here’s an insight into how we manage structural steel delivery for your projects. 

          Our Structural Steel Delivery Service

          For steel delivery, our highest priority is to ensure that the potential rise in initial costs, delays, and risk factors are minimized. To do this, we have streamlined our delivery methodologies in a way that benefits the on-site environment of the projects. 

          Following are the important aspects that we take care of when making structural steel deliveries: 

          Proficiency In Preparation 

          The easiest starting point of any structural steel delivery to go smoothly is to make certain that the products have been proficiently prepared in the first place. This can avoid multiple obstacles in future steps and save you from going back and forth in order to correct those errors. 

          For instance, it is our duty to deliver every individual steel beam with a protective coating and correct placement of holes for eventual drilling. Once that’s done, only then will it qualify as a ready component. That’s why we always cross-check that every structural steel component is ready to play the role it was designed for before proceeding to delivery. 

          Coordination With On-Site Workers 

          We believe that timing is an important factor when it comes to structural steel delivery. Therefore, our process includes coordinating with on-site workers – mainly fabricators and erectors – before moving ahead with delivery procedures. 

          Let’s say the structural steel components do not get delivered exactly when they are needed. This will cause costly delays and will negatively impact the entire time management and efficiency of the project. Similarly, if the components are delivered too soon, they will take up the additional space on-site. At the same time, there’s a risk of the product getting damaged or even stolen if the time frame gets too prolonged. 

          Therefore, staying in close communication with field workers is highly beneficial – not only for us but for every member involved in the project. By doing this, we can always know the right time to make deliveries and plan them according to the designated time frames. 

          Minimal Disruption At The Time Of Delivery 

          Lastly, our structural steel delivery service also ensures that our methods are not disrupting the on-site grounds at the time of delivery. Steel delivery is an intricate process as the steel components are often heavy-duty structures. In fact, especially in industrial projects, a crane is required for lifting the steel parts. 

          For this reason, it is important to establish a secure unloading zone to avoid any accidents on-site. Our team carefully plans, designs, manufactures, and delivers components within a prepared base on-site to eliminate the likability of disruption in the field. 

          Hire The Leading Structural Steel Suppliers In Australia

          With over 30 years of experience in the structural steel industry, Cedar Steel provides thorough and cost-effective solutions for all residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our aim is to supply steel products especially curated to fit your needs with high-quality materials and complete customer satisfaction. 

          Contact us now to get our professional advice for your project!

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            Planning, Drafting & Design


            Structural Steel Detailing, Drafting & Design

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            Cedar Steel: Planning, Drafting, Design

            At Cedar Steel, we provide structural steel drafting and detailing services using advanced 3D technology throughout Sydney, New South Wales. Our experts understand how it is directly related to the way the steel framework will appear, fabricate, and persist. Therefore, we take responsibility in providing substantial blueprints for all structural steel projects.

            Here’s an insight into how our team of experts works to make the right 3D steel detailing designs a reality that meets your needs!


            Our Structural Steel Detailing Service

            Structural steel drafting and detailing includes highly complex drawings created to benefit steel fabricators and erectors during installation. We produce detailed plans and designs that interpret the location and specifications of every steel component such as the steel beams, braces, joists, trusses, and columns that are to be installed in a steel structure.

            Our detailing experts use Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) softwares that enable 3D steel detailing designs. These softwares allow us to pre-construct the steel frame in a virtual environment where the entire process is streamlined and accurate. Moreover, with three-dimensional views, complicated designs become more manageable and help in predicting potential conflicts. 

            Our computer-aided 3D steel detailing acts as a reference for fabricators and erectors, thus minimizing the chances of misalignment. With this added precision, the final steel structures are always secure and sustainable. Some of these reference drawings include the following: 

            Shop Drawings

            These are specifically made for steel fabricators. They consist of structural steel detailing requirements that are exactly needed during the fabrication process. These instruct the workers on how each steel component is supposed to be built. They include information such as material specifications, number, size, etc. in order to fabricate them for assembly. 

            Erection Drawings 

            As the name suggests, these are created to benefit the steel erectors. It includes the basic details of how the fabricated steel components should be assembled or erected. These structural steel draftings provide dimensional plans to position each individual component. This way, erectors have an absolute illustration during fieldwork that helps them know the exact location of every part as they assemble the entire steel framework. 

            What Do We Offer

            At Cedar Steel, you can expect our 3D steel detailing team to help you in the following areas:
            • Individual Part Drawings
            • Anchor Bolt Plan
            • Detailed Shop Drawings
            • Detailed Erection Drawings Co
            • Complex Isometric Sketches
            • Templates for RFI’s

            Whether you need assistance with residential or industrial steel structures, you can always count on us for complying to Australian building codes and standards. Our entire process is efficient and in the hands of our professionals. 

            Once we get a project, our engineers plan the structural and designing aspects. The planning is done on the basis of cost, safety, performance, and adherence to building codes. With the help of this information, our structural steel drafting and detailing team designs illustration guides. These drawings have all the necessary requirements related to every single steel structure. Lastly, they are passed onto the fabricators and erectors for supplies and installations. 

            And like that, at Cedar Steel, we provide a healthy working process that meets professional standards at all times. 

            Get in Touch With Our Team and Request a Quote!

            We are NSW-based steel designers and fabricators providing cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the steel industry. With over 30 years of experience, Cedar Steel takes pride in providing absolute customer satisfaction and transparency in the services that we offer. 

            We work closely with a dedicated team of professionals that ensure every element of a project – from planning to drafting, and from production to installation – is proficiently done. 

            Contact us now to get the most extraordinary structural steel detailing service in Australia. 

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              Structural Steel Supply

              Structural Steel Fabrication

              Work with dependable fabricators for all the structural steel supports you need for your residential, commercial and industrial projects. As experts in structural steel design, fabrication, delivery and installation, you can trust us to oversee the entire process. 

              Cedar Steel has worked on a wide range of projects, both big and small, and have the knowledge and expertise with over 25 years of experience in the industry to partner with your residential, commercial and industrial building endeavours. 

              Structural steel is one of the most versatile and widely used materials in the construction industry. The strength, durability and lightweight of this material makes it ideal for a variety of applications, from bridges and skyscrapers to smaller projects like sheds and fences. However, on top of getting down the right design and materials, hiring the right structural steel fabricators is essential in ensuring that you get the parts you require for your project, to the precise specifications of your order.

              We pride ourselves on our immaculate attention to detail, high-quality workmanship and communicative customer service, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

              About Our Approach

              Structural steel fabrication is a specialised form of steel fabrication that is used to create the framework for buildings and other structures.

              At Cedar Steel, we take a holistic approach to structural steel fabrication. We believe that the best way to create high-quality structural steel is to start with the best raw materials and use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

              We source our steel plates from reputable suppliers and use advanced computer-controlled equipment to fabricate it to precise specifications. On top of cutting, our fabricators put steel through heat and pressure in the welding process to fold and join parts together. Once complete, we then go the extra mile to protect our structural steel from corrosion by using galvanised coatings and other protective treatments.

              The finished product is then shipped to the construction site, where it is bolted or welded into place. As a result of our commitment to quality, we're able to produce structural steel that meets or exceeds the strictest industry standards.

              It's why we're one of the leading companies for structural steel fabrication in Sydney.

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              Structural Steel Fabrication: Our Process

              As we comply with all the relevant Australian material and design standards in our steel fabrication services, you can trust us to look after the fabrication of steel structures.


              Furthermore, our steel fabricator services is always guided by the needs of our clients: We work with you.


              Working off your requirements, we draft designs with full detailed drawings of all the parts you require, erection plans, and clear shop drawings. We can also use 3D drawings for rfi’s, full-scale templates for complex layouts and isometric detail sketches of complex connections to get a full understanding before we start to shape steel, depending on what your project needs. Our metal fabricators then form different structures from pieces of steel through various types of welding that meet the brief you need for your project.


              We can offer the following:

              • Universal Beams
              • Universal Columns
              • Parallel Flange Channels
              • Tapered Flange Beams
              • Channels
              • Squares
              • Rectangular Hollow Sections
              • Circular Hollow Sections
              • Flat Bars
              • Cleats
              • Other Types of Steel Sections

              How We Work: Step-by-Step

              1. Shop Drawings Our draftsman engineers create shop drawings based on initial consultations with our clients. The drawings include important information that can be approved by the client/engineers before installation.
              2. Client approval -   After discussing the drawings with our manufacturing team, we begin fabrication only after receiving approval from the client.
              3. Procurement -   We source quality steel (mild steel and industrial steel) in Australia for each job, depending on its unique properties.
              4. Fabrication -   We start fabricating your project based on the approval of the customer and drawings. We check the quality as we go. When we finish fabricating, we do a test assembly to make sure everything is how it should be.
              5. Delivery -   We provide all types of surface treatments to increase the longevity and durability of your structural steel beam. Our surface treatments include, and is not limited to, Hot dip galvanising, Weather-Proof Primer, and Zinc Phosphate Priming.
              6. Surface treatment - Once our quality checks are done, we deliver the product (with the needed Nuts and Bolts) to your site address. We also provide quality installation services for various steel structures.

              Why Choose Cedar Steel?

              Structural steel is at the heart of what we do. Our team of structural steel fabricators work with you from start to finish, ensuring your project is delivered on time, on budget, and to the high-quality standards you expect. We have a wide range of structural steel products and services that we offer, and we’re always happy to customise our offerings to meet your specific needs.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Structural Steel Detailing is the process of creating detailed drawings and specifications for the fabrication and assembly of steel structures.

              Structural Steel Drafting is important because it provides information and details that will ensure that the fabrication and construction drawings of steel are accurate, helping to reduce risk over errors and reworks. 

              With this process we will make sure the structure is stable and lasting during and over its lifetime as we assure it is under the correct regulations.  

              3D Steel Detailing works in different stages, first a designer will put into a software – called Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) – the requirements and specifications of the project, this will include every element from the size of the building to the connections details. 

              Once this is complete, the software generates a 3D model of the structure based on the information provided, the software allows to generate 2D fabrication and erection drawings as it will detailed the information on how the steel structure should be fabricated, assembled and erected on the construction site.

              3D technology offers greater accuracy, quality, more flexibility and reduces reworks and errors. 

              This will depend on the type of steel you need, size and complexity of the project. 

              In general, structural steel fabrication in Sydney is priced by the tonne, but there are also a number of other factors that can affect the final cost.

              For an accurate estimate, it’s always best to discuss your project’s specific requirements with one of our Cedar Steel’s professional members and get a quote.

              Cedar Steel is your best choice for a residential, industrial, or commercial steel fabrication.

              We are the leading structural steel supplier in Sydney and throughout NSW, as we are experts in what we do with over 30 years of experience in the steel industry. 

              We are dedicated to providing flexible and personalised solutions in steel. Making every piece unique, we committed to produce all of our projects with the highest quality and under the hands of our dedicated professionals. 

              We invite you to get to know all the industries we work with  and get in touch with us to request a quote to start your next steel project with us. 

                Structural Steel Supply

                Steel Installation & Erection

                As masters of steel fabrication for commercial and industrial sectors, we employ a talented team of steel erectors to provide all clients with a streamlined and controlled steel installation service. Believe us when we say that installing metal roofing is our specialty.

                Offering experience, attention to detail and strict quality control measures, we ensure a confident process from initial construction right through to the erection of a steel building.

                Rest assured, Cedar Steel’s qualified team of steel frame manufacturers and erectors deliver excellent results across multiple areas of steel installation.

                Our experts are adept in installing steel components into any position that you require. We’ll arrange for the delivery and erection of all steel projects, big and small. For on-site steel installation projects, we provide flexibility using our own dedicated access equipment and cranes.

                Backed by years or experience, we aim to always meet and exceed all of our client’s requirements and expectations.

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                Erecting structural steelwork: Our process

                Designing for construction

                Successful structural steel installation and erection begins long before the steelwork arrives on-site from the fabrication workshop. Before installation commences, the ‘buildability’ of your internal steel structure is influenced by client and expert decisions made during the design process. At Cedar Steel, our team “designs for construction”- an important design objective that facilitates better safety outcomes, construction project efficiency and looking into potentials for prefabrication.

                Design factors that we consider include:

                • Repetition and standardisation- refers to the repetition of the same structural components and standard details for connections.
                • Achievable tolerances- If ‘tight’ tolerances are specified in the brief (i.e. more restrictive than Class 1 in AS/NZS 5131), we can consider the implementation of special controls and engineered details.
                • Frame type- We look into your primary choice of frame options. Options include braced frames and continuous frames.
                • Floor systems- Your choice of floor system for multi-story projects and frames will influence the erection sequence as it determines the part-erected structure's stability.
                commercial steel fabrication
                sydney steel fabrication

                Erection planning

                Our experts begin steel erection planning at the very beginning of the installation process. We consider the construction sequence and design factors affecting site practice in terms of a typical erection plant. We consider three planning factors which include:

                • Practical erection sequence: We look into the location of both temporary and permanent bracing systems and other means of maintaining structural balance.
                • Simplicity of assembly: How easily can we assemble frame connections across all steel components.
                • Logical trade sequences: This affects the development of the master contract as your pre-tender plan turns into the final construction plan.

                The fabrication process

                The procedure of fabricating steelwork parts that will, when put and connected together, create a complete frame. The steel frame generally comprises readily available components from our steel fabricators and steel stockholders. This includes additional manufacturing elements such as adding protective coatings and bolts.

                residential steel fabrication

                Installation & connecting the components together

                The erection of structural steel usually consists of assembling steel components into a sturdy frame.

                Components are lifted and placed into position before they are firmly connected together. This is achieved through bolting however, our steel erectors can also bond frames together via on-site welding depending on your requirements.

                Prior to bolting, we ensure that the assembled frame is aligned within tolerance expectations as defined in our quality assurance standards. Once your steel frame has been completed, we hand it over for further construction work. This can include adding external cladding, electrical fittings and internal flooring.

                Whether you require assistance installing metal roofing panels, new floor joists and timber frames to high quality light gauge steel frames, we tailor our services to every client we work with. No matter the size of your construction site, our experienced team of steel installers combine both careful planning and innovative technology to guarantee outstanding structural results.

                At Cedar Steel, we take great pride in our top-of-the-line structural steel installation methods and equipment. Our process covers end-to-end services including construction, installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, demolition and dismantling.

                From T-bar beams to metal panels, structural steel is an integral part to many building projects. The results of a high quality steel erection is representative of a building’s structural core. To guarantee outstanding results in logistically complicated construction sites, we take additional care in every step of the installation process, and drive it towards completion.

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                Why Choose Cedar Steel

                We aim to tick off three primary goals when erecting structural steel- timing, safety and accuracy. Not only are our specialists capable of meeting deadlines, our staff stand by maintaining accuracy no matter the size and scope of the project. Feel rest assured that our experts pay special attention to minimising risk exposure, and ensuring that our processes are safe, efficient and innovative.